What if I am a school/leader who would like support from an Alfreton Nursery Teaching School SLE?

Please click on the SLE photographs to find out more information about all our SLEs and their specialisms.

You will then be able to contact katie.cresswell@alfreton.derbyshire.sch.uk who will pass your details to the Teaching School Alliance team who will discuss potential matching and support needs requested by other schools.

An action plan will be drawn up identifying roles, expectations, timescales and monitoring tailored to your school and settings needs. As well as offering SLE support we will also offer one-off visits to see specific practice in our school settings, ie through learning walks, lesson observations and discussions with staff.

What is a Specialised Leader in Education (SLE)?

An SLE is an outstanding teacher; a member of a senior management team with at least 2 years proven experience in their chosen specialism.

What does an SLE do?

SLEs work with other schools on an area/areas the matched school have addressed for improvement. This could be on an individual 1:1 basis, working with small teams or addressing whole school improvements/initiatives.

Do I need to work in other schools?

The role of the SLE is individual and unique. Often skills are transferable and you may be asked to support in another school. If your expertise involves a unique teaching area ie forest school, staff from your matched school may benefit from attending your own school site (or vice versa). As all schools and teachers are unique, SLE packages need to be bespoke to meet each individual school’s and individual’s needs.

How often will I be asked to support?

This depends on each school’s needs. You may be asked to support for ½ a day, a day, several days or longer term. All dates and funding will be negotiated through the teaching school in liaison with the individual SLEs and schools.

What about paperwork?

To become a SLE you need to complete a small application form detailing your personal details, information about your current role, your area/s of specialism and how you feel you can make a difference as an SLE in other schools.

Benefits of becoming an SLE

• By sharing with other schools, more staff and children will benefit from your area of expertise
• You will get to meet and work with other senior leaders and visit other settings.
• Your school will benefit financially. Current rates for SLEs deployments are:-
o ½ day - £175
o 1 day £350
• You will gain the full support of Alfreton Nursery Teaching School
• You may be matched with other SLEs in the alliance who share similar skill sets and interests, sharing ideas and experiences.
• You will be invited to attend a termly SLE network meeting

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form and return to katie.cresswell@alfreton.derbyshire.sch.uk or telephone 01773 520031 for further information.

What happens next?

All applications will be assessed and shortlisted. If your application is successful you will be invited to attend a meeting with other potential SLEs. Following this meeting, if you are selected for position of SLE within Alfreton Nursery Teaching School we will stay in touch and link you to potential schools as opportunities become available.